Right Path


Right Path Adult Leadership Program

This program has been created to provide new ways for EBCI tribal members to learn Cherokee history and culture, and to develop leadership competencies.

  • Focuses on tribal identity, tribal values and tribal history.
  •  In addition, participants will have exposure to the broader world of American Indian and indigenous cultures.
  • Leadership learning will include individual and group Ga-du-gi projects to improve and restore aspects of Cherokee culture and community.
  • Seven core values
  • 12 month program (October-September) meets two full days per month (second Wed. and Thursday)
  • Utilize guest presenters from the Cherokee community as well as other native communities

Right Path accepts EBCI enrolled members 18 years old and older

Selection is based on a nomination process in which nominations are taken from alumni and community members. Nominees are contacted to see if they are interested. If they are they will fill out a basic application and participate in an interview with Right Path alumni. If selected their employer has to agree to their participation as part of their regular tour of duty and not require make up time or the use of leave.

Ray Kinsland Leadership Institute Presents the group project made by the 2021-2022 Right Path Adult Leadership Cohort.
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